Changed lives!


Meet Misha & JC

Life is very different for Misha & JC since we first met them! 

Both were born and raised on the White River Apache Reservation. Both got into drugs and alcohol at an early age. Their lives were in shambles, they had burned all the bridges with their families and law enforcement. They were estranged from their children and had no hope for a future.

Misha came from jail to treatment to our program and brought JC with her!  She just received her two year sobriety chip! 

Misha is working on her GED and JC has completed his and is now attending community college.

White River Apache Ministries has supported them in their recovery and was able to provide a permanent home for them!

Misha &  JC are dynamic believers of Jesus and freely share the Gospel and their story of recovery with their fellow Apaches.